We'll always be there for you in your studies.

Originated from UBC Dedicated to UBC Serving UBC

We'll always be there for you in your studies.

From UBC Dedicated to UBC Serving UBC

Enter LOOK4

About LOOK4 Education Group

Founded in 2015 by a number of UBC Masters and PhD graduates, LOOK4 Education Group is an educational service provider that focuses on all-round improvement of overseas students' strengths. Through years of tireless work, LOOK4 has now become the extracurricular tutoring institution with the most comprehensive courses, the strongest teachers and the largest cumulative number of students tutored on UBC campus.
Cumulative number of students tutored
Tutoring sessions per semester
Mentor Team
Improvement in average performance
20 points.

Our Team

LOOK4's subject tutors have some of the strictest admissions criteria in the industry! LOOK4 requires its tutors to be in the top 1% of their grade; they must also attend in-house training and participate in a semesterly teaching achievement competition.

Jinong Xu

Co-founder of Look4 Education Group, Principal of Look4 Education Group Greater Vancouver, Head of Econ Division


Jing Zhang

Vice Principal, LOOK4 Education Group


Bin Zhao

Head of STAT Department, LOOK4 Education Group


XinYu Liu

LOOK4 Education Group Math Gold Tutor


David Kong

LOOK4 Education Group MATH Gold Instructor


Bacon Cai

LOOK4 Education Group Gold Instructor