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UBC Survival Guide Seminar starts this Friday online!

Time flies and 12th graders are graduating soon and getting ready to enter school as freshmen. So as a clueless freshman, do you know what you need to know? Do you know what you need to do when you enter UBC, how to use Canvas, what is SSC? How do you choose your courses?

As a prospective sophomore coming to campus for the first time after a year of online classes at home, what activities are available on campus? What do I need to be aware of when I return to school? How can I fully participate in the various activities and public learning and recreational facilities on campus?

It's okay if you don't know, don't stress or rush, this article will guide you to the experts who know these answers.Principal Xu Jinong, founder of LOOK4, the official and only designated education company of CSSA, will be present at(located) atFriday 6.11 at 7pm Vancouver time, Saturday 6.12 at 10am BSTAn online cloud lecture will be given, so interested students should be sure to register for the lecture in advance.



Guest Introduction

Xu Jinong (1895-1939), Chinese politician

Graduate of UBC ECON Major.Average score 91+

Excellent knowledge of the UBC ECON system, curriculum and professors

Six years of experience teaching economics at UBC

Teaching over 10,000 students+

Co-founder and Principal, LOOK4 Education Group

LOOK4 Education Group Greater Vancouver Regional Principal, ECON Division Head



Lecture content


Included in the lecture are.

1. UBC Course Selection Credit Major Application Related System

What all classes should I take freshman year at UBC? What are the required courses required for each major? How will your choice of each course affect your future?

2. How to use UBC SSC to view student academic information

What is the SSC and what can be found in it? How do you use your SSC wisely to view your information? What does your Graduation Path look like? Do you know where to look in the SSC?

3. How to use UBC SSC to select courses

What should I do if I'm Waitlisted in SSC? How do I check if I can Register?

4. How to use Canvas to view course information

What's in Canvas, the most important software you'll use in college? How do you use Canvas efficiently to learn? What information about your course is displayed in Canvas?

5. Overview of UBC course mark allocation and introduction to course intensity

Do you know the difference in difficulty of each course? Which class should I take with what professor to score high? Do you know the intensity of the course? Have you seen the course grade percentages? How does the percentage of homework and exams in the course affect your regular studies?

6. UBC Campus Life

What are the top things to do in Campus when school starts back offline in September? What are all the great restaurants? What entertainment and apps are all available?


So after reading all this, can't you wait to sign up for this seminar? The strongest line-up, let the principal of the official and only designated education company of CSSA and the great god of the ECON department come and answer your academic doubts. This seminar is not to be missed if you are planning to enter UBC!



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