Through continuous adjustment and improvement, LOOK4 has developed a set of reasonable and rigorous teaching methods that can effectively help students improve their performance. LOOK4 offers a variety of tutoring courses for students with different learning abilities and study habits, and adopts a uniform teaching model to ensure the quality of teaching and ensure that students can integrate their knowledge on the basis of understanding.

term course

The whole semester's warranty
Course Duration.30-32 hours

Perfect coverage of an entire semester's learning journey from the first assignment to the final exam. Synchronized UBC lecture mode, follow the professor's rhythm, and concentrate on the content of each knowledge point and supporting assignments. Before each exam, there is also a concentrated sprint course to sort out the complete knowledge points and do your best to protect your grade.

  • Great tutor for UBC background majors, knows the on-campus curriculum like the back of his hand
  • Synchronized with UBC professors, weekly lectures on new learning content, timely checking of gaps
  • Focused sprint before midterm and final exams, 4-6 hours to prepare for the exams
  • LOOK4 exclusive tutoring materials, integrating the personal learning and teaching experience of academic tutors
  • Anytime, anywhere, WeChat group tutors answer questions and solve your learning problems, big or small

One-on-one tutoring

Identify the gaps and remedy the problems
UBC course tutoring is tailored to the different needs of each student. The teaching mode is flexible and can be adjusted according to the student's preference. Each knowledge point is accompanied by practice questions to ensure a steady improvement in learning performance.
  • Great tutor in UBC background major, knows the curriculum and knowledge framework of the university like the back of his hand
  • We will adjust the weight and pace of the lesson according to the different needs of each student to solve your problems precisely.
  • Knowledge point explanation and practice questions to help students clarify concepts and learn to do problems
  • LOOK4's exclusive compilation of materials, incorporating years of learning and teaching experience from academic tutors
  • One-on-one Q&A, timely check and remedy, dispel all your study anxiety and get high score easily

Pre-exam Sprint Class

A bullying tool in the exam room
Course Duration.Midterm Sprint: (4-5 hours) Final Sprint: (6-7 hours)

A focused general review before the exam, in the shortest possible time, to get the best results. A comprehensive overview of all the knowledge content covered by the exam, and refine the key points and difficulties, so that you can master the pulse of the exam. At the same time, the accompanying exam simulation questions are practiced several times to help you clarify your solutions.

  • UBC background professional god tutor, years of tutoring experience, know the logic of the test questions
  • The two-pronged approach of knowledge explanation and practice questions will enhance your test-taking skills while reinforcing your foundation
  • LOOK4 exclusive revision materials, integrating years of teaching experience of academic tutors, mastering the trick of scoring
  • Comes with a one-hour office hour with a tutor before the exam to answer your questions in a targeted manner
  • Live Q&A with tutors in the WeChat group until the last second before entering the exam room

summer prerequisite course

Lead the way all year long before your freshman year starts
Course Duration.4 hours each summer, free for all UBC freshmen. Early lectures on the key elements of the required freshman courses for each major will take you through the adjustment period by quickly familiarizing you with university life and smoothing out the process.
  • Free 2-week, 4-hour course, no threshold, open to all UBC freshmen
  • LOOK4 professional instructors with extensive teaching experience and knowledge of UBC course content
  • Each major selects 1 key freshman course that incorporates the subject matter and gives you an early grasp of the essentials of learning
  • UBC's greats share their study abroad experiences online, and give you guidance from the perspective of those who have been there.
  • Make friends with fellow students before you start school so you're not alone from the start of your study abroad journey

Academic Planning

Less detours, one stop
According to each student's different academic background and development wishes, a comprehensive analysis of the relevant professional direction, the development of course selection plan, avoiding all obstacles on the way to academic promotion.
  • UBC major subdivision options and application assistance
  • Planning for course selection throughout the year
  • Popular course registration places
  • Scholarship Application Guidance for International Students
  • Go Global Program Application Guidance
  • One-on-one academic tutor to answer questions 24 hours a day
  • Academic planning and full application assistance for UBC-O students transferring to Vancouver campus