The financial industry qualification that leads to a million dollars a year

The LOOK4 CFA course is designed by CFA holders and CFA Level 3 100% master tutors to solve the problem of students' weak basic knowledge and unfamiliarity with the exam topics. The teaching team is composed of 6 teachers with master's degrees in finance and above, which are the most academic teachers in Canada, accurately locating the examination points and patiently analyzing the difficult points, helping students to pass the CFA exam in a short time with zero foundation. Students also have priority to participate in lectures, workshops and free job promotion opportunities.

Why Choose CFA®?

Whether you're a student or a working professional, the CFA will be your ticket to a career in finance and advancement opportunities!

Globally recognized professional certificates

lit. knocking on the door of an interview

Required Qualifications for Fund Managers

The "gold standard" for investing in talent


The threshold for taking the exam is not high

No professional restrictions

No pre-course required

CFA Level 2 can be completed with a bachelor's degree


Rapidly upgrade your financial background

Extremely applied body of knowledge

Comprehensive coverage of undergraduate and master's content in finance

Cutting-edge financial analysis methods and tools

CFA® Program Content

The CFA is divided into 3 levels of exams, students need to pass 3 levels of exams in sequence from level 1, plus 4 years of relevant work experience, and apply for certification from the association to obtain the CFA certificate. The first two levels are close to each other, with ten subjects per level (as shown below). 3 levels of the CFA focus more on the application of knowledge, such as investment advisory and financial planning.

Why choose LOOK4 CFA Boutique Course?

LOOK4 CFA boutique course, not only has a strong faculty (we only employ Master and above degree teachers from business schools), and through the scientific curriculum, in-depth analysis and simplification of the official CFA exam materials, to escort students to pass the exam.

Strong Faculty

Preferred lecturer with MASTER degree or above

University professors sit in

Extensive CFA teaching experience


Exclusive Secrets

Summary of knowledge points

Core Examination Points

quick problem solving


high intensity training

Real-life problems

test-taking technique

score breakthrough

LOOK4 CFA Top Faculty



CFA Level III Passed, UBC Sauder Dual Master Degree

  • UBC MSc Finance Master
  • CFA Level III Global TOP 10%
  • Extensive study of all Finance courses COMM 298/370/374
  • 5 years of experience teaching large classes and 3 years of TA experience
  • Senior Analyst & Product Manager, Investment Holding Company



Associate Professor, University

  • Former UBC COMM 204 Instructor
  • LOOK4 CFA Leaders
  • Awarded a scholarship from KILLAM, one of UBC's most prestigious institutions
  • 7 years of teaching and research experience, invited for an exclusive interview with UBC
  • 23 top economics papers published, pinnacle of youth scholarship




CFA Level III Passed, Faculty, SFU School of Business

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Accounting, UBC
  • Double Master Degree in Finance and Statistics
  • Responsible for teaching Ethic and Equity and experienced in teaching
  • Pass the CFA Level III exam in one sitting


Xin Li

CFA Level 3

  • Credit Analyst, Royal Bank, RBC Management Trainee
  • Two-time National Scholarship and Beijing Outstanding Graduate Award (National TOP 5%)
  • Expertise in teaching Fixed Income/Derivatives
  • A quick look at the formulae to help you get the gist of the calculations
  • Pass the CFA Level III exam in one sitting



D., University Lecturer

  • UBC PhD in Accounting, multiple scholarship recipient
  • Three years of audit experience in a Big 4 overseas accounting firm
  • Served as a UBC COMM 294 Instructor, highly rated by students
  • Passed the US and Taiwan CPA exams in full