Company Profile

Founded in 2016 by a number of UBC Masters and PhD graduates, LOOK4 Education Group is an educational service provider focused on all-round improvement of overseas students' strengths. Through years of tireless work, LOOK4 has now become the extracurricular tutoring institution with the most comprehensive courses offered, the strongest faculty, and the largest cumulative number of tutored students on UBC's campus.
Since its inception in 2016, LOOK4
Tutored 50,000+ students cumulatively
150+ tutoring sessions per semester on a consistent basis
Recruiting 200+ UBC cohorts to join the mentorship team
Average 20-point improvement in student learning outcomes with an A rate of 80%

Initial Establishment

In 2016, several Masters and Ph. Ds who have graduated from UBC look back on the long road they have taken, the sweat and tears they once sweated are still vivid in their minds, but the honours and pride of the past have drifted away. For them, what they feel is the confusion and helplessness of the new students who have just stepped out of China, the embarrassment and discomfort of their younger siblings during the study process, and the torment and sorrow of fighting before each examination. As they have already made a small world of their own on the academic road, they never forget the hardships of those who come after them. That's why they decided to take out their break time to answer questions and solve problems for their younger students. From a small tutorial group, they absorbed eight scholars and gradually grew bigger and stronger, eventually becoming a large educational group of companies across schools, grades and majors.

LOOK4 Education Group was officially launched

LOOK4 becomes first UBC tutoring provider to offer semester-long classes


LOOK4 offers more than 50 semester classes per semester

LOOK4 offers CFA Chartered Financial Analyst training


LOOK4 offers over 100 semester classes per semester

LOOK4 tutors over 8,000 students per school year

LOOK4 acquires Chengyi Education to enter high school tutoring business


LOOK4 provides work-study opportunities for over 100 international students in the Greater Vancouver area

LOOK4 acquires OFFER 101 Education, ventures into graduate application business


LOOK4 offers more than 120 semester classes per semester

LOOK4 tutors over 12,000 students per school year


Collaboration with Ningbo (China) Supply Chain Innovation Institute, a member of the MIT Global Supply Chain and Logistics Network of Excellence, on the "Homecoming" growth program for North American students

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Originated from UBC, Focused on UBC, Serving UBC

LOOK4 has always been rooted in UBC, and the tutors share the same schooling experience with students, and share the confusion and helplessness of studying alone. Because of this, LOOK4 has developed a complete student service system covering high school, university, graduate school and career development, helping UBC students to succeed with the service concept of "putting students at the core".

High school tuition and application

(Chengyi Education)

University tuition and planning


Graduate School Application


Career Services


Rigorous selection + systematic training + continuous trials = top faculty

LOOK4 has some of the most rigorous subject tutor admissions criteria in the industry. In addition to being required to score in the top 1% of their grade in the courses they teach, tutors are required to undergo a minimum of six months of training and teaching trials before they can become a semester class tutor. Tutors are divided into one-on-one tutors, semester class tutors and course supervisors according to their teaching level, student evaluations and delivery style.

Jinong Xu

Co-Founder, LOOK4 Education Group Principal, LOOK4 Education Group Greater Vancouver Head of ECON Division

  • UBC Econ Major graduate with a 91 GPA
  • In-depth knowledge of the UBC Econ system, curriculum and professors that no one can match
  • 5 years teaching experience in economics at UBC and 6 years teaching large classes
  • Taught all levels of students from high school to graduate school, with a maximum course size of over 400 students and a total of over 5,000 students


Xinyu Liu

UBC MATH PhD LOOK4 Education Group Gold Tutor

  • Researcher at the forefront of academia in the field of Algebra and stochastic processes
  • 6 years TA experience in UBC upper level Math courses and 5 years teaching Mathematics
  • GMAT Math Professional Tutor
  • Can teach all high level courses in UBC Mathematics


Lyric Wang

Head of COMM Department, LOOK4 Education Group

  • Finance Honour Degree with four-year A+ average
  • Over three years of teaching experience in financial economics
  • Proficient in UBC applications and course recommendations for all majors
  • Lectured with humor and taught over 2,000 students
  • A clear understanding of Professor Newman's problem solving approach and model


Celina Liu

Head of CFA, LOOK4 Education Group

  • UBC MSc Finance Master
  • CFA Level III Global TOP 10%
  • Extensive study of all Finance courses COMM 298/370/374
  • 5 years of experience teaching large classes and 3 years of TA experience
  • Senior Analyst & Product Manager, Investment Holding Company

Rigorous teaching methods + advanced experience sharing = rightful performance gains

Through continuous adjustment and improvement, LOOK4 has developed a reasonable and rigorous teaching method that can effectively help students improve their performance. Teaching materials and contents of semester classes are subject to approval before they are distributed to each student, and teaching supervisors will be involved in the teaching process to ensure the quality of teaching.

In addition, LOOK4 places special emphasis on the development of competitive strength and connection with real-life situations. LOOK4 invites authoritative masters to hold free experience-sharing seminars every semester to help students broaden their horizons and network.

Full professional coverage, sub-disciplinary management

Through years of hard work, LOOK4 has now become the most comprehensive and cumulative number of students tutored on UBC campus, truly covering the whole range of subjects, divided into 9 disciplines and offering 150+ tutoring sessions per semester.


The LOOK4 Science tutoring team tutors Biology, Chemistry and Physics core courses and is made up of UBC Science PhD and Master tutors who are funny, have extensive teaching experience and are familiar with the professor's question sets and grading criteria.


The LOOK4 Computer Science tutoring team combines professional and industry experts to cover all the difficult courses from freshman to junior year of CPSC, and the CPSC tutors not only have Coding skills, but also have COOP and industry work experience, so they can handle all the difficult courses and project points.


The LOOK4 ECON tutoring team is led by LOOK4 Principal Jinong Xu and taught by many experienced UBC ECON Masters and TAs. More than 40 high quality, efficient and accurate semester and sprint classes help students get the best grades in each course!


The LOOK4 MATH tutoring team is composed of 6 MATH PhDs and 3 MATH Masters from UBC, and is the rightful leader in the UBC market, as well as one of the earliest departments established by LOOK4. Over the past 5 years, the MATH team has produced 8 tutorials, accumulated a huge amount of 10,000+ exam questions, and has conducted in-depth research on all levels of UBC's math courses, helping countless students break through the barriers, and is the only institution that can tutor high-level MATH classes.


The LOOK4 business team, rooted in the Sauder School of Business for five years, tutors all freshman and sophomore business foundation courses, the required junior Finance/Accounting major courses, and COMR courses. The teaching and research team comes from Sauder's current or graduate Masters and PhDs, and is familiar with the professors' questioning patterns and grading standards. As the first team to set up "practice exams", the COMM department has been helping Sauder students to achieve high scores every semester.


The LOOK4 engineering tutoring team is composed of tutors from various majors in Applied Science, most of whom are UBC PhD or postgraduate students, and they explain the knowledge in depth. The LOOK4 engineering tutoring course focuses on the basic courses of Applied Science in freshman and sophomore years, organizing the difficult points and main points, and simplifying all the knowledge points to help students adapt to the intense study of engineering and significantly improve their performance, and lay a good foundation for choosing a subdivision of major afterwards.


The LOOK4 Psychology tutoring team consists of a number of UBC psychology undergraduates (90+) who have gone on to master's degrees. For Chinese students, psychology courses are often overwhelming with heavy reading, writing tasks, and difficult to understand concepts. The Psychology team is familiar with the teaching content and questioning style of each professor at UBC, and has summarized and compiled a set of unique secrets to improve the score, which opens the door to psychology for students in a unique way. The Psychology tutoring team can cover almost all popular psychology courses from Level 1 to Level 3.


The LOOK4 STAT tutoring team is led by Bin and Larrie, the originators of UBC tutoring, both of whom have over 5 years of teaching experience, and are well versed in the essentials of STAT knowledge, truly teaching it through. Through years of accumulated problems and systematic notes, students in the semester class of 80% have achieved a good score of 85+. STAT advanced courses.


The LOOK4 Vantage tutoring team consists of 10+ former seniors with Vantage scores in the Top 10%, covering all three major departments of Vantage Science, Arts and Applied Science! The LOOK4 Vantage tutoring team understands the content, study skills and teaching styles of all UBC Vantage courses, and provides academic planning and course tutoring services to support students' studies and life at Vantage.

Cross-disciplinary, strong alliances