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LOOK4 2021 Free Pre-requisite Course for New UBC Students

Activity time::26 July 2021
Event Description::prerequisiteIt is a new course format offered by LOOK4 this year, mainly for new students who will enter UBC in September, to help them preview all the content and important points of the next semester's courses, all courses started on July 26, each course is 10 hours long, 2 hours per week, a total of 5 weeks.
Event Location::online

One thought on “LOOK4 2021 UBC新生免费先修课

  1. Junqi Li says:

    I just graduated from vantage this June, but because I failed two classes in the first semester (math and chemistry), I don't have enough credits to advance to the second year. I currently have 15 science credits, and I contacted the ADVISOR the other day to find out that I didn't take into account the course breadth requirement when I chose my classes in July. But now on top of SSC, a lot of the classes I wanted to take are taken, most of them are in waitlist.
    And, considering my academic performance and effort at vantage, I'm also considering switching departments.
    I'm more confused now not sure what the next step is better.

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